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Acne Basics – Common Problem

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Acne Basics

Unfortunately acne is a common problem with teenagers and adults alike.  For teens the surge of hormones during puberty is a big factor.

It can be very frustrating for adults as well, particularly when a therapy that worked so incredibly well during your teenage years is now useless and even makes your acne worse.  Acne can start through no fault of your own and generally your diet doesn’t play a significant role in its development.

Family history also has an effect, research findings suggest that some sufferers can have a genetic susceptibility to acne and are more likely to contract adult acne.

This terrible skin disease occurs when your hair follicles get blocked with an oily substance called sebum and dead skin cells.  These hair follicles are connected to sebaceous glands which make the sebum and normally moves up the shaft of hair and out onto your skin’s surface.

So if your body produces too much sebum and too many dead skin cells, they result in an excessive build-up that blocks your hair follicles thus allowing an environment for bacteria to form and thrive.  It’s this bacterium that leads to infection and results in inflammation which then causes spots and resultant acne symptoms.

Common Problem

Frequently certain foods like chocolate and greasy foods are blamed for aggravating your acne but in reality they have little effect.  Studies show that foods rich in carbohydrates like dairy products may contribute to acne flare-ups.

What is certain that there is a definite link between hormones and acne.  For example, during puberty the body begins making more androgen hormones causing enlargement of the sebaceous glands so making more sebum.  But, for many people the body cannot cope with this extra sebum which blocks their hair follicles and leads to acne.

Severe acne like cystic acne is prone to those who have a sticky skin type making it much harder for sebum to get out onto the surface of the skin, and sadly this has a tendency to run in families.  This greatly increases the chances of children having this skin type where a parent has it as well.

What to Do

Fortunately there are an effective range of treatments for acne.  Typically they work to make your skin a lot less sticky enabling sebum to get out much more easily, and or they combat the bacteria and reduce the risk of inflammation.

It's important to discuss the potential side effects
associated with drugs before use with your doctor!

Bear in mind that miracle cures won’t happen over-night as generally acne can be very stubborn.  Once you have started with a treatment regime make sure you stick with it consistently and using it as directed:
  • Common Remedy #1: Mild Acne; most over-the-counter acne creams and ointments products that tend to be effective contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.
  • Common Remedy #2: Moderate Acne; oral and topical antibiotics as well as prescription medication that tend to be effective contain retinoic acids or tretinoin.
  • Common Remedy #3: Severe Acne; other treatment prescription medication that tend to be effective contain a derivative of vitamin A called isotretinoin.
If after several weeks there isn’t any improvement or adverse effect contact your doctor or dermatologist to work out a more effective treatment plan.

At times acne symptoms are a sign that there is an underlying health condition that needs to be correctly diagnosed and treated before your acne clears.

Natural Care

Once your acne improves it can re-emerge after treatment requiring continued use to avoid new breakouts.

There are a few effective self-care steps to help prevent any flare-ups, like:

  • Care Tip #1: washing your skin with a gentle cleanser twice daily,
  • Care Tip #2: avoiding picking at or touching your acne-prone skin,
  • Care Tip #3: showering immediately after exercising to prevent oil and sweat build-up trapping bacteria and dirt.

However, there is an even more effective route to natural acne treatment that is you safe and fast home remedy that’s noninvasive and is clinically proven through a roadmap guided approach to eliminate acne and help you regain your mental and physical wellbeing!

Love Your Skin!